Thursday, February 21, 2008

Futuristic Mobile Device with Advanced Search Function

The idea behind this concept is exploit the internet ability in a mobile device. Touch screen, built in camera, scanner, WiFi, google map (hopefully google earth), google search, image search all in one slim device.

How this concept works
It works like this when you see a building through the device, the device gives you the image search result right on the spot.

Choose a building and touch a floor and it tells you more details of the building.
You can use it when you want to know a car model, an insect name, what kind of food is served at a restaurant and how much, who built a bridge, etc. With detail informations like that, this gadget might only be used by secret service agents. Very futuristic concept.

It would be much easier to read a real book. You can use the dictionary, thesaurus and anything else available on the web. What do you think?

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