Friday, February 1, 2008

Creative Designs

JellyClick - Mouse for Laptop
Portablity is very important for a laptop mouse. Emphasis on portablity results in decrease of the usability and vice versa. 'Jelly click' is a flat type portable mouse that can be used by being inflated satisfying both portability and usability of a laptop mouse. When deflated the user can fold it up for a convenient portability and when inflated and in use a feeling as if you were touching a soft jelly or even a balloon can be felt.

Soapbank - Soap Dish
A bar of soap becomes smaller and smaller as it is used, and it becomes more and more difficult to use. So we used to throw it away. 'Soap bank' helps us to save small pieces of soap as if it is a saving box so that it naturally helps the user to finish the whole. 'Soap bank' can help us use whole soap.

1. Substance is rubber material. Small pieces of soap will fall through the small hole of 'Soap bank'.

2. The sucker back of 'Soap bank' can attach any wall of a bathroom.
3. The net is easy to attach and detach with magnetic.When you detach the net that contains small soap from 'Soap bank', you can use it like as a shower towel. It is very convenient for the user.

4. The net of 'Soap bank' collect these small pieces of soap and allows for better foaming.

Livingstones - Pillow

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